William J. Zehngut was born at the end of 1939 in Zurich, Switzerland a year after his parents had fled from Vienna, Austria. At age 7, he moved to New York City where his education included graduating the School of Industrial Art and attending New York City Community College and the Art Students League.

 Zehngut started painting at the age of 27, developing his talents as an artist while driving taxis and buses for a living. Scanning the cityscapes of Manhattan through vehicular window frames, he was inspired by the views and soon found worthy subjects to paint. In the 1980’s, he belonged to a group of New York artists called the Street Painters who were primarily interested in depicting the city environment of the time. In addition to cityscapes, Zehngut painted portraits of friends in the East Village during 1980’s. At this time, he made several trips to Northern California and was inspired by the golden light, the beautiful hills, and the coastline. The result was a portfolio of landscapes.  In the late nineties after an early retirement, Zehngut moved to the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania where he fell in love with the surroundings. Here he created dozens of landscapes as well as a number of portraits.

Throughout his career, Zehngut’s paintings and works on paper have been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions in New York City, the eastern seaboard, and the mid-west. His works are in several corporate collections, and in 1989, he was commissioned by the MTA to create a 27-foot mural at the Hudson Pier depot. Today, Zehngut is back living in New York City where he finds visual excitement all around him. Whether painting cityscapes, landscapes or portraits, he continues to capture qualities of light, color and sensation in his work.